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For Fashy GmbH the importance of an active and ongoing quality control and quality improvement is part of our business concept. 

We pay special attention to quality aspects during the selection and production of our materials and raw products. All our products are under steady quality monitoring and control. To be on the safe side we are in addition tested by external test institutes. 
From our delivery partners we expect the same care and responsibility regarding the quality of our products. 


The chemical group of phthalates is a steady topic in quality discussions. Unfortunately the focus has to be on and on again on the sensitive toy product group. Within the European Union clear rules and regulations have been set up for importers and producers. 

Fashy GmbH has always been very sensitive to this topic and reacts fast and effectively. All our infant and baby articles are free of phthalates and we monitor the products constantly. We can proudly announce that we do not have any item in our product range with the phthalates in question 

General Information about Phthalate 

Some substances out of the huge substance class of Phthalates are part of the REACH regulation 1907/2006/EC set up since 2005.

Those substances are not allowed to be part of soft plastic materials used for toys or baby items. The limit is set with 0,1%.

Substances in detail

DEHP Bis(2-ethylhexyl)phthalat
DBP Dibutylphthalat
BBP Benzylbutylphthalat
DINP Di-isononlyphthalat
DIDP Di-isodecylphthalat
DNOP Dioctlyphthalat

The next 3 Phthalate are additionally not allowed for toys and baby items for children under 3 years of age, who tend to put everything in their mouth. 

DINP Di-isononlyphthalat
DIDP Di-isodecylphthalat
DNOP Dioctlyphthalat


The Directive on Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH EC/1907/2006) is an ordinance of the European Community for reforming the European law on chemicals and came in force since the 01. July 2007. 

Our company welcomes the target of the ordinance to protect the health of human beings and the environment.

Of course, Fashy complies with all obligations as a downstream user and forwards relevant information to its suppliers and customers. 

In order to comply with the consumer information requirements according to article 33 of the Ordinance, information is required at all stages of production about whether the product contains so-called substances of very high concern (SVHC). The consumer information requirement refers to the official list of candidates which is published on the ECHA website (see link below). This means that the customer will be informed if the products purchased by him contains substances from the list of candidates with a mass percentage of > 0,1%. 

On written request of end consumers the producer and the retail market are obliged to provide information on products containing substances of the list of candidates within 45 days.

Fashy GmbH is very sensitive about this issue. We can proudly announce that our products are free of substances from the SVHC list. We are in constant communication with our suppliers about material and quality issues and requirements. With this policy we focus on delivering products of very high quality to our customers.