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Why is help needed?

Around 30 percent of school buildings were destroyed during the civil war that raged in the small West African state of Sierra Leone between 1990 and 2000. The remaining schools are in a poor condition and far too overcrowded for the children. This is why only a few children go to school, especially in rural regions, and it is often girls who miss out. Furthermore, only a small proportion of teachers are sufficiently trained. The result is that many children cannot read, write or do simple mathematics, even after attending school for several years. It comes as no surprise that many parents are not at all convinced of the value of a school education.

Help to help themselves
World Vision works in the district of Bonthe, a particularly disadvantaged region. The aim is to enable more children to go to school here, and to significantly improve the quality of the lessons. A solid school education is a key requirement for young people to find their own independence and to be able to support themselves in the future.
Thus, the education of the children is a great opportunity for the entire region and the country as a whole to escape the vicious cycle of poverty. This is why World Vision and its partners are investing in building schools and in training teachers, and are using educational campaigns to encourage parents to send their children, particularly
their daughters, to school. The measures are well received: one school building in Bonthe has already been completed using German donations and with the active support of the local population, and the teaching has already massively improved. Yet further support is urgently needed.

About World Vision
The philosophy and Christian understanding of World Vision is that all people are our neighbours, wherever they are from and whatever their religion. On the basis of this philosophy, World Vision Germany, which was founded in 1979, works towards achieving a better and fairer world for all children. The focus of World Vision‘s work lies in development cooperation and emergency aid, and in advocacy work related to political development. By sponsoring children, over 150,000 sponsors in Germany are currently supporting aid projects in 29 countries. World Vision Germany is a registered charity. It is a member of the Deutscher Spendenrat, and is certified and recommended by the German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI).